Cumbia y conejos

I went down a music rabbit hole yesterday that I think is worth mentioning.

While listening to the Spotify radio station of this song by Mexican Institute of Sound:

I came across this cumbia cover of “The Simpsons Theme” by Chicha Libre (a band I’ve never heard of before):

Which then led me to the artist’s profile on Spotify featuring their cover of Erik Satie’s “Gnosienne No.1”:

Which ultimately led me to a 2014 NPR interview with Eduardo Díaz, the Director of the Smithsonian Latino Center, after googling “the history of cumbia” out of curiosity.

I may have just toppled on this by accident, but I think I’m onto something big here, folks. May my cumbia rabbit hole continue…


No time to waste

Three things:
1. My computer is going to die, and I left the charger at work.
2. It’s getting late, and I need to go to bed.
3. I don’t know what to post about in the time I have left before my computer dies, so here’s a picture of Mexican sweet bread I took several years ago:

You’re welcome.