I literally just got back from California a couple hours ago. I think the word “exhausted” definitely captures what I’m feeling.

I sat next to a lovely couple and their baby. The man and I began chatting about our time in California and what was waiting for us back home in Boston.

He was a banker and his wife a part-time nurse. Their baby was 10 months old and a relentless flirt.

They both listened as I shared about my job and how I’m reconsidering what I want to do long term. Something in the creative field, I said. But I’m not too sure what that looks like.

Grad school? A possibility. Studying design? I’ve thought about it.

I shared this New Yorker cartoon with them that sums it up quite well:

They heard me out and a few things the man said stood out to me:

1. Everything you add on to your life (i.e. getting a dog, buying a house, having a baby) makes it harder to make a career switch possible.

2. Although what I want is very broad, it’s an exciting time to figure out what it’s going to be.

3. He feels the same way when he sees his wife — she has a set career path as a nurse but he never really knew what he wanted from the start.

It was comforting to hear that he understood where I was coming from.

It was encouraging to see how he interpreted my standing as a good thing.

And I think all of this was another push to get me going in the right direction.