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The secret ingredient

Here’s a little something I drew today for a creative challenge by @patrice_sketches. She’s donating $1 for every participating artist in her #pantryartproject to Lunch Break, a non-profit organization providing food, clothes, and community to people in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

The deadline is this Monday, so I wanted to get in before then. I usually see challenges of this sort, make mental note of them, but never really participate. I wanted to do things differently this time around.

The lines aren’t perfect (I was planning on drawing a second image) but ended up just going along with what I had. I like how I captured the side of the container. The trick is to use gouache; the opacity helps create dimension.

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Ghosts in the fridge

I was out in the kitchen drawing when my mom started putting groceries away. I, without really thinking, took an egg and thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I drew on these? A few moments later, I drew the one thing I love to see: ghosts. They’ve invaded our refrigerator.

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Life of a Romantic

I seem to be waiting for a creative wind to come and suddenly motivate me to write, but that only happens when it wants to. I wrote a haiku about it.

I have been thinking
why wait for inspiration
if it never comes

Waiting for inspiration (of any sort) is my go-to. I don’t normally do something if I’m not in the mood to do it. I’ve been doing this since I can last remember. But the more I get through these socially-distanced days, the more I see that it’s not an effective way to live.

My moods will always vary. If some days I feel like doing things but not others, then will I ever find a true rhythm to my creative practice? Will it ever become a “practice” at all?

I need to change this pattern, or at least interrupt it. Since I know I have a tendency to wait on the winds of chance, I need to set up a regular time to write, draw, etc. It will go against my natural way of operating, but it will help me begin a true practice, regardless of inspiration.


Drawings, the mags

I came across BoConcept, a Danish furniture store, last month as one of their employees was handing out the yearly catalog. I took one not knowing what I’d do with it but knowing I could use it for something.

I had already seen Austin Kleon take pictures of pansies and combine them with images of luchadores, so the possibilities were endless.

With Inktober well underway and me feeling stuck with a blank page, I decided to use the catalog as my drawing board. I took that day’s theme (“enchanted”) and came up with this:

I was really pleasantly surprised by how realistic I had made the curtains seem. I tried it out a few more times:

My favorite so far has been the swing.

Because I had trouble coming up with a theme/topic for today, I just Googled a random word generator. That’s how the word “variation” came about (see above).

The same process goes for choosing the page I’m going to draw on — It’s completely random!