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Coincidence? I think not!

I couldn’t help but laugh at noticing that the title of this month’s New Yorker cartoon calendar matched what I wrote about yesterday.

Out of all things, “Airplane Mode.”

It looks like The New Yorker and I have started this month out on the same page, literally. There’s nothing like a little turbulence to get you thinking.

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When life gives you socks…

Just a seat away from me, I noticed a woman silently reading a copy of The New Yorker on the train. I, in turn, opened up my backpack and pulled out my own copy featuring this week’s cartoon caption contest.

I looked over at her and hesitated. “Do I ask her?” I asked myself.

In the moment’s silence, I decided to go for it. “Excuse me?” I interrupted, “Can I get your opinion on something? What do you think of these cartoon captions?”

She laughed and replied, “Oh, so you’re the person who does these!”

I laughed and went on to show her what I had come up with. Many of them were standard, like the mention of regret or forgetting to pick up clothes from the cleaners.

But the two that I liked the most were about the dog in the background and the mention of the man’s socks.

She pointed out that, although the one about the dog was funny, the sock caption made more sense since the woman seems to be reacting to something the man is saying.

“His level of cluelessness,” she said and broke out in laughter. I couldn’t help but join her.

She was right. The man pointing out his socks as opposed to the rest of his wardrobe made it all the more humorous.

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Midnight snack, cartoon captions

Last week, instead of waking up to make a black out poem out of articles in the New Yorker, I landed on a cartoon.

A New Yorker cartoon in the December 9th issue

The original caption read: “But I’m conducting an experiment: will the twentieth cookie taste as good as the first?

It wasn’t all that great, so I opted to come up with my own:

a. “Would you mind saving some for the kids?
b. “Really, John?…and you didn’t invite me?
c. “Those were for the funeral.

Each one got progressively better. The last one cracked me up.